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Haters Gonna Hate: The Top Things to Say to a Hater

It’s a bit timely to post this, coz I’ve been seeing a lot of haters here on tumblr lately.  Oh oh oh… posting this with good intentions… baka I-hate nyo na rin ako for this. Wah! Clean fun lang!

Top Things to Say to a Hater
The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar
April 16, 2010

1. The more you hate, the more you love.
2. Ang laki laki ng galit mo, pero face to face naman, tameme ka.
3. Look, if you’re not getting any, don’t lash out of me.
4. Love me or hate me, you’re always thinking of me.
5. Hating me won’t make you prettier.
6. On the internet: I bet you guys are all creepy middle aged man, who seats in front of the computer all day, with nothing else to do.
7. PMS much?
8. Oh go to hell! and hate, uhm Satan?
9. Ah, so you hate me? So iyak na ko?
10. Go get a life, so I can stop hearing about mine from you bitches!
11. I wouldn’t say anything, I’d just block them.
12. The fact that you’re trying to pull me down means that I’m above you.
13. For haters on youtube, mangbabash ka lang ng video, mali-mali pa grammar mo.
14. You are entitled to your wrong opinion.
15. Don’t hate - participate. Don’t hate - appreciate.
16. I’m so busy with my life to bother with your issues.
17. Don’t hate the player hate the game.
18. Try hating yourself, so you’ll understand why I hate haters.
19. It’s not my problem, I have everything you’re wishing for.
20. You know that feeling when you’re looking at me, that’s envy, get used to it.
21. You’re just a waste of oxygen.
22. It’s just mind over matter: I don’t mind, you don’t matter.
23. You cannot hate others without hating yourself first.
24. Kung ayaw mo ko, bakit mo ako pinapanood?
25. I’m busy. You’re ugly.
26. Don’t worry, the feeling is mutual.
27. With a face like that, pang hater ka talaga.
28. Let’s pretend you matter, and let’s pretend I care, so now what?
29. Look at me and my life - okay - look at you and your life. Now, who’s jealous of whom?
30. Excuse me, I’m really busy, can i ignore some other time?
31. Haters are always “lesser” than the object of their hate.
32. Don’t worry, when I’m done with the spotlight, you can have it.
33. Definition of hater: people who live dull lives, who criticize who live exciting one.
34. Hating me won’t change anything about me, but changes everything about you.
35. Hater hater ka jan, pero lahat naman ng facebook post ko, nina-like mo.
36. [Person1] What are you looking at? [Person2] Nothing special.
37. Keep your words sweet, rather than bitter, coz you’ll never know, you might have to eat them later.
38. Insecurity is decease. Get well soon.
39. You know what, I totally understand you. If i were born ugly, I would be a hater too.
40. I’m sure, ang haters walang sex life, kung meron man, malamang panis.
41. Hater and heart both have the same letters.
42. I love you therefor i forgive you, but one more bitch and you’re dead.
43. Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand.
44. Hating is like swallowing poising and expecting somebody else to die.
45. I hate haters, that’s why I hate myself.

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